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CSU Stair Master

Starting a lab at California State University San Marcos

June 13, 2020


Professor Hippo-on-Campus - student mental health education program

May 1, 2020


Joined a prestigious McCall MacBain PDF Program in Teaching and Leadership


Dr. Dennis Kolosov giving a talk at the Great Lakes Forestry Centre

Invited seminar - Great Lakes Forestry Centre (NRCAN, Sault Ste Marie)

October 18 2019

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Invited seminar - University of British Columbia Okanagan

September 2019

In the Classroom

Reproducibility Research by Cultured (Part of Velocity Science) at Problem Lab @ University of Waterloo

March 2018

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Skype a Scientist: public outreach program connects scientists around the world with classrooms of students

January 2018

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oCUBE: Ontario Consortium of Biology Educators

September 2017

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Small Pond Science blog

October, 2017

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Society for Experimental Biology recognizes Dr. Dennis Kolosov for receiving a dissertation award

Autumn 2017

Dissertation Award PhD 2017.jpg

Thesis/Dissertation Prize recipient

June 20, 2017

The lab is now in full swing. Doors open. Equipment is being purchased, students joining, exciting projects in progress - update to follow soon.

February 19, 2021