Dr. Elinne Becket (CSUSM)

Microbiologist extraordinaire! Amazing human being! Mentor for life :)

Dr. Arun Sethuraman (CSUSM)

Population genomicist extraordinaire, inventor of several pop-gen workflows

Dr. Casey Mueller (CSUSM)

Comparative developmental physiologist extraordinaire. Uses frogs, fishes and copepods to study developmental plasticity.

Dr. John Eme (CSUSM)

Comparative, integrative and evolutionary physiologist. Uses fishes and crocodilians (!!!) to study cardiovascular physiology.

Dr. Oana Birceanu (McMaster University, Canada)

Active collaboration - effects of environmentally relevant gap junction blockers on osmoregulation in larval zebrafish

Dr. Andy Turko (Scott/Balshine labs, McMaster University, Canada)

Active collaboration - transcriptomic response of redside dace to abiotic stressors

Dr. Daniel Doucet (Natural Resources Canada, Sault Ste. Marie Government of Canada)

Active collaboration on cloning and heterologous expression of caterpillar voltage-gated ion channels in insect cell lines.

Dr. Erin Leonard (Redeemer University, Canada)

Active collaboration on intracellular calcium imaging in the Malpighian tubules of caterpillars

Dr. Mark Rheault (University of British Columbia, Okanagan campus)

Colleague and collaborator. Accomplished insect physiologists studying organic cation transport and nicotinoid detoxification in lepidopteran larvae

Dr. Michael J. O'Donnell (McMaster University, Canada)

Current interests include cellular mechanisms of epithelial ion transport. Control of ion transport by peptides and intracellular second messengers. Esteemed electrophysiologist.

Dr. Andrew Donini (York University, Canada)

Accomplished insect physiologist studying ion transport mechanisms in aquatic invertebrates using a wide variety of cutting edge (molecular, electrophysiological, bioassay, etc.) methods. Best mentor an ECR can wish for!

Dr. Rosa da Silva (McMaster University)

Life-saver, idea bouncer, sharp biologist, wonderful human being! Current co-lead on curricular mapping project in the Department of Biology at McMaster University. Active collaboration - nitric oxide signalling in Malpighian tubules of caterpillars.

 Dr. Jean-Paul Paluzzi (York University, Canada)

Specialist on neuroendocrine systems regulating physiological processes in arthropod vectors of human and animal diseases. Active collaboration on endocrine regulation of ion transport in the larval Trichoplusia ni.

Dr. Tamzin Blewett (University of Alberta, Canada)

Eco-tox scientist extraordinaire! Bright, supportive, motivated, ACTIVELY RECRUITING STUDENTS AND POST-DOCs!! (not a collaborator!)

Dr. Scott P. Kelly (York University, Canada)

Internationally-recognized expert on the role of the paracellular pathway of ion transport in epithelia of vertebrates and invertebrates. Past PhD supervisor.

Dr. Tamara L. Kelly (York University, Canada)

Educator at York University, biggest advocate of evidence-based pedagogical practices. Introduced me into the world of teaching and learning and mentored me on my teaching abilities.

Dr. Sima Jonusaite (The University of Utah, USA)

Active collaboration on the role of septate junctions in Malpighian tubule ion transport.

Dr. Kenneth Halberg (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Active collaboration on neuropeptide control of ion transport mechanisms in beetles.

Dr. Cam Donly (Western University, Agri-Food Canada)

Active collaboration on acid-base balance in lepidopteran larvae

Dr. Barbora Konopova (University of Göttingen, Germany)

Active collaboration on ion transport strategies terrestrial hexapods

Dr. Peter Piermarini (The Ohio State University, USA)

Active collaboration on ion transport mechanisms in the Malpighian tubules of the larval lepidopterans

Dr. Chris Wood (The University of British Columbia, Canada)

Brief collaboration on ion transport mechanisms in the fish kidney tubule.

Dr. Michael Wilkie (Wilfrid Laurier University)

Long-standing collaboration investigating the tight junction in sea lamprey epithelia.