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About me

Assistant Professor in Animal Physiology at California State University in San Marcos
(starting in Jan 2021)     


Current positions


- NSERC Post-doctoral fellow - animal physiology with emphasis on epithelial ion transport mechanisms 



-  Sessional lecturer and guest lecturer in Physiology and Animal Biology courses

-  McCall MacBain Postdoctoral Fellows Teaching and Leadership Program Fellow

Academic service

-  McMaster Core Molecular Facility manager

-  Review Editor for Frontiers in Physiology

-  elected Communications Committee Chair at Open Consortium of Undergraduate Biology Educators (oCUBE)

I am an enthusiastic early-career researcher studying ion transport mechanisms in animal epithelia. I routinely recruit undergraduate trainees and mentees in my research! Once in a while, I am lucky enough to teach at McMaster University. Recently, I co-lead a scholarship on teaching and learning project with Dr. Rosa da Silva.

Research interests: I have used multiple vertebrate and invertebrate model organisms for the study of epithelial ion transport mechanisms. I possess considerable expertise in tissue culture approaches and organismal model systems, employing fish gill cell culture and insect Malpighian tubules as models for ion transport, routinely using bioinformatics, pharmacology, electrophysiology and cell molecular techniques (e.g., qPCR, transcriptional knockdown) coupled to functional bioassays. The results of my research are published in well-regarded international journals (see Publications). 

I am proficient in a wide variety of laboratory techniques as I have trained under the auspices of Drs. Scott P. Kelly and Michael J. O'Donnell credited with expertise in intricate and exclusive cutting edge laboratory practices in cell culture and electrophysiology, respectively.  

Currently, I work as a post-doctoral fellow with Dr. Michael J. O’Donnell’s and teach BIO 3ZZ3 at McMaster University (Hamilton, Canada).

Research area: mechanisms of ion transport in insect epithelia. 

(2020) Employment Equity Facilitator program certificate

(2020) Professor Hippo-on-Campus Student Mental Health Education Certificate

(2019) Foundational Educator Enhancement Certificate, MacPherson Institute for Leadership, Innovation and Excellence in Teaching

(2016) Ph.D. in Physiology with Distinction (won institutional Dissertation award) York University, Department of Biology Research Areas: Animal Physiology, Endocrinology, Molecular Biology

(2013) Teaching Assistant Certificate in Teaching

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